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The design of a Wilke Wingmast as Ben Ainslie and many other top Finn helms have been using, is an evolution over the last three years. The key to the success was a analytical analysis performed by Sebastian Schmidt and DYNE Engineering, where FE-models and advanced structural composite calculation have been employed. Wilke followed this with the establishment of an entire manufacturing process capable of producing high performance carbon spars to very tight tolerances. Wilke's new dynamic mast-testing allowes them to even establish the dynamic behaviour of different masts and continuing development of their masts, to ensure that the top helmsmen continue to use them.
At Wilke Swiss Marine Composites we trust in pre-impregnated carbon from the Advanced Composites Group, one of the leading Prepreg manufacturers. A Finn mast, that posesses the exact bending, twisting and dynamic behaviour that an athlete requires is the result of a carefull selection of the Carbon fibre, the resin type and contet, as well as a sophisticated layup. The quality management at Wilke Swiss Marine Composites ensures that the strict tollerances in the manufacturing process are met.
Based on the experience of over 900 masts built to date and the feedback of European, World and Olympic champions Wilke are able to tailor a mast exactly to your need. You supply Suntouched with the fore and aft and sideways bend you wish to have, and we deliver the finshed, mast directly to you anywhere in the World. Of course we at Suntouched are able to advise and design the bend numbers that would best suit you.
Ben Ainslie, Finn Olympic Gold Medal 2004, 2008 and 2012
Wilke Finn Masts
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Click here to email us for a shipping cost. Please give full address including ZIP/PostCode and telephone number. Note:- for shipment outside the EU VAT is not applicable.
£4,070.00 plus VAT @20%
€5,087.00 plus VAT @20%
Terms and Conditions
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Prices include Cunningham block, IFA Mast Lable and Padded Transport Cover
Please note that VAT only applies to supplies withing the EU.
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