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The Devoti D-Fantastica is the choice of all of the World's best Finn sailors. It's no surprise to us, of course, that the Fantastica continues to show its pace in the Finn class major events across the world.
The boat just seems to 'feel right' both to windward and downwind giving the edge that's so important in this close racing class according to Rodney Cobb. He goes on to say that his Fantastica is the best Finn he has ever owned (having owned about 30 or more Finns over the years) and is such a joy to sail. His take on the design it that it's going to be hard to improve on this innovative Finn and believes that it's so close to perfection that it will be the boat to beat way into the future. For more information go here or Email us, or call us on +44 (0) 7734 251033 to discuss your requirement.
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Sandiline, the choice of Champions !
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Finn check list - don't get caught out!
  • Tiller extension universal joint, check for cracks or excessive wear and also connection to tiller is secure!
  • Rudder clip, check that it's doing the job of securing the rudder in the event of an inversion!
  • Halyard, check for wear and loose wires that may lead to breakage (the Finn halyard is much easier to replace if still in the mast)!
  • Toestraps, check for excessive wear or fraying!
  • Control lines including mainsheet, check condition and ensure that they are still secure and effective.
  • Cleats and blocks, check that all are in working order and apply suitable lubricant or replace as may be necessary.
  • Check that compasses and watches are in working order.
  • Check foils and repair as required.
  • Check sails and organise any work as may be required.

Suntouched can help with all of the above so take a look at the relevant pages on our website or email us at
McLube Sailcote Aerosol 300ml (£14.40) and Hullcote polish 423ml (£31.60). Check out the products by clicking on the pictures.
McLube special - don't miss out (UK customers only)
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Suntouched Black Anodised Aluminium Boom Bolt
Lightweight (28g), snag free, low turbulence.
New Suntouched Finn and OK boom Bolt
suntouchedsailboats001022.jpg suntouchedsailboats001021.jpg
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New to our Finn product range!
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We are pleased to introduce the new DEM Batwing Carbon Finn Rudder seen below with the DEM/Suntouched Carbon Lifting Tiller, also available with the DEM Carbon Fixed Tiller (supplied seperately ready for bonding). Go to the Finn page, Finn spares and accessories, to order
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Full range of 2024 Finn models including the new Dacron models

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Breaking News!
North launch new Dacron range of Finn sails!
Of course results speak for themselves so with 3 race wins from 4 races, in a highly competitive fleet, at the recent UK Finn Masters all we can think to say is - looking good!